branding / packaging

Undercrown Hotel is a unique hotel that champions street art and urban esthetic style. It is our aim to bring the worlds best street artists together to showcase their work and
their processes. This image gallery showcases some of the branding components that carry the hotel’s tone.

A breakdown of Undercrown name:
Graffiti artists that have achieved prolific status are considered kings. A destinction of honor and respect. The counter-culture nature of graffiti is one that fits under the umbrella of “underground” activity. Taking some liberty with word play on Underground, and a king’s well known head accessory gave birth to the name Undercrown. Using the name Undercrown gave us the ability to expose people to a side of street art unknown to most people. The side that shows the dedication and evolution of a craft that at it’s core values improvement and self assessment. It also
allows us to rightfully celebrate the achievements and craftsmanship of these artists contributing to this artform .