Humblebee Honey


Humblebee Honey is an apiary that places importance on sustainable practices regarding honey extraction.  The direction they wanted to take was a simple, yet elegant package design that reminds us of the importance of honeybees.


Many of the foods we rely on are pollinated by the honeybee.  Without them, our way of living would be drastically altered.  They travel from flower to flower collecting nectar and by extension, the pollen that is essential to plant reproduction.  The typographic choice of using modern calligraphy is a reflection of the honeybee’s journey for nectar.  Thankfully my wife is a great calligrapher, and we worked closely on establishing the correct feel and flow of the letter structures.


The limited color palette was a deliberate choice.  The emphasis was meant to be placed on typography, and simplicity.  I also included a short video to provide a glimpse of my process.

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